Introducing Maasdam

Maasdam was established as a floor specialist some thirty odd years ago. From the very beginning computer floors were one of the most important products of Maasdam. We serve more than 500 clients each year, both nationally and internationally. Clients enjoy collaborating with the specialists of our Engineering Department in order to come up with technically feasible and affordable solutions.

A bird’s-eye view of Maasdam

Maasdam is characterised by its no-nonsense mentality, ingenuity, and its focus on people. Look at the short impression of the Maasdam office.

Our Engineering workshop

Our specialists test the computer floors in our engineering workshop. We can also temporarily install your raised floors in this area. It gives us the opportunity to check the technical side of it, but we can also lay the desired floor covering (e.g. carpet tiles, linoleum, parquet, PVC or something else). This should give you a good idea of the end result.

Fantastic performance

“We were very impressed by the commitment of Maasdam. It started with a preliminary process during which they were happy to discuss the various options. This not only resulted in a better product but also in substantial cost savings. Followed by a flawless execution. And that regarding a project timeframe that had many other parties biting their nails. All in all, a great performance.”