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The ideal choice

A computer floor is the perfect choice, both for renovations and new constructions. It is possible to fit the entire technical installation beneath the floor which can be set at any desired height. A computer floor will give you maximum flexibility.

Flexibility guaranteed

What about the costs of a computer floor? The price depends on factors such as the floor surface and the number of walls or smaller areas you wish to create. It is a fact that opting for a computer floor is the same as opting for a high return on your investment (ROI) which is due mostly to its great flexibility. Is it your intention to change the layout of your office? The costs will be less than with a traditional floor. You can move workplaces, desks and even walls from one place to another, to then lift up a random tile to reveal the hidden technical installation. Subsequently, you can reconnect that installation at any desired location.

Computer floor pricing = High Return on Investment

Our computer floors are priced competitively, so that a high ROI is guaranteed. A computer floor will lengthen the life cycle of your office area. After all, adaptations are easy to do and the floor will last for many years.


There is a reason why Maasdam is a specialist in computer floors. You can opt for one of the many standard solutions but what stops you going for a tailored solution, based on your specific needs? Do you want a high floor? Then we would use higher jacks. Do you require a specific floor thickness? We will create this especially for you. We supply what you can’t find elsewhere.

Speed and quality

Installing a computer floor takes very little time which will help you save a lot of time. An ‘ordinary’ screed often takes quite a while to dry. In addition, the subfloor will have to be levelled. A computer floor is placed directly above the unfinished subfloor and you can start using it the very next day. In this way you can win back a lot of expensive hours which should cover part of your cost-effective investment in a computer floor.

Computer floor tiles: the flexible option

Breed inzetbaar

Our computer floor tiles are suitable for a range of applications. We often use these in office areas and data centres. This enables our clients to work flexibly at any location in the building as they are no longer held to a fixed layout. We provide the highest quality floors for data centres, taking electrostatic charges, the high concentrated load, and finish, for example, into account.

Saving time and money

Our computer floor tiles will manage to meet the most diverse requirements. Clients can depend on an excellent and fast-yielding investment with a floor that meets any functional requirements possible. We not only lower the costs but also score hugely in time. Flexibility increases and the space beneath the floor can be intelligently used for the placement of technical installations.

Allow us to contribute ideas to your project

Our experts would appreciate to share their thoughts with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and the possibilities of a raised floor. No strings attached!

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