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Computer floor: an ideal solution

An office area with a computer floor could be the ideal solution for many reasons. The raised floor is placed directly above the unfinished subfloor and then levelled using jacks. You can easily fit your entire electrical installation in the space between the floor and the subfloor without investing time and money in first preparing that subfloor. It also stops you from doing work on the ceiling in order to conceal these installations. All you need to do is retrieve the connection points from the floor and the same applies to any cold or warm airflows you may need in the office area.

Sustainable, fast and high quality

Here, flexibility is not the only thing you would opt for, you would also opt for durability, speed and quality. Furthermore, you can save substantial costs in respect of neatly finishing the area. There is no need for a screed that will take weeks to dry. This floor allows you to set up your office and start using it one day after the floor has been installed.

Do you want to change the layout of your building? That would be quite easy as well as the power connections and any data provisions beneath the computer floor can be easily moved to another location. In this way you can fairly easily change the use of many areas and in doing so, lengthen the life cycle of the building.

Computer floor at the office: flexible and agile working

You can ensure maximum flexibility by installing a raised floor in the office area. This allows you to move desks or even walls and create new work areas as all wiring or other components essential for operating a computer are available beneath the floor, no matter the location. All you need to do is lift a tile in order to connect computers and other equipment. You can start work and enjoy your new layout immediately, or even alter it the next day, if you would want to.

This makes the computer floor for office areas the ideal choice for organisations that put flexibility first and foremost in order to adequately respond to any changing situations. Discover our raised floors and our 7 promises. This should give you a clear picture of what to expect from us and how we can contribute to a far more flexible working situation. Save huge amounts of time and money with our raised floor systems, available in standard sizes and as tailored solutions.

Raised office floor

Are you considering a raised floor for your office area? You can either choose from standard solutions or tailored solutions based on your specific needs or requirements. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss the type of computer floor with a client and the way in which you could use it now and in the future.

We will then, quickly and efficiently, provide your office with the floor of your choice using adjustable jacks beneath the floor to set it at the right height. We work systematically, step-by step, so that you can start using the floor the very next day.

What are your possibilities?

Would you like to learn more about raised office floors and what all is possible? Please contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to discuss the range of applications and options for your specific situation. Furthermore, our Engineering Department will be happy to assist you with the calculations. Time and time again it turns out that the total costs of a project can be reduced by opting for a computer floor. You can even test your floor in our engineering workshop to be sure that you have made the right choice.

Allow us to contribute ideas to your project

Our experts would appreciate to share their thoughts with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and the possibilities of a raised floor. No strings attached!

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