Maasdam raised floors

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  • More than 1.000.000 m2 supplied and installed
  • Unlimited application options
Raised floor = the New Way of Working


A raised floor will increase the flexibility of any office area which is important for modern organisations that depend on such flexibility. We install the wiring under the floor and make provisions for any airflows that are required to cool or heat the area. This usually means the placement of grids at the required location. As the entire installation is placed below the raised floor level you can move desks, workplaces and even walls to your heart’s content.


Highly versatile

Our raised floors are very suitable for data centres and office areas but can, of course, also be used in other places.

Bespoke solutions

We also refer to the raised floor as a computer floor as it allows for the hiding of all the necessary wiring and other components. We install these floors in both newly built and existing buildings. We are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements and, thanks to our many years of experience, will always come up with clever solutions.

Many advantages

The advantages of the raised floor are countless. It not only conceals all the important components of your installation, it also allows you to place these at any desired location. Delays due to the levelling and drying out of subfloors are prevented as the raised floor is placed above the unfinished subfloor. Feel free to move desks and other workplaces and even entire walls. Allow yourself the freedom to make changes and respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Would you like to find out more about the options of a raised floor and the way we put it together for you? Please contact our specialists, they will be happy to provide more information.

Allow us to contribute ideas to your project

Our experts would appreciate to share their thoughts with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and the possibilities of a raised floor. No strings attached!

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